Easy Greasy™ is proudly made in the U.S.A.
Easy Greasy™ is a kitchen tool to make draining hot grease from food fast, easy and safe!
Easy Greasy™ is designed to contain hot grease produced as a byproduct of cooked food, such as ground meat (like for tacos, meat sauce or beef nachos), bacon, sausage or other meats. Easy Greasy™ is great for straining pasta or vegetables too! The Easy Greasy™ strainer can be lined with a cheese cloth for making jams or jellies.
"Rinsing and draining my vegetables is simple now with Easy Greasy. No more messy, wet counter-tops. Easy Greasy™ catches all the drips, and I don’t have to use my sink space!" ~ Johanna L.
“Before Easy Greasy, I hated straining ground meat. Now it’s so easy, I look forward to taco night!” ~ Alexis B.
“One of the most common and costly mistakes a homeowner can make in the kitchen is putting grease from cooking down a drain line. It mixes with the detergents used today and form solids in the drainage system causing serious problems. Dispose of it somewhere besides down the drain! I say this from 50+ years of plumbing experience.” ~ Butch Baker, Master Plumber
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